Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Homework for 28th June (tues)

Hey friends! Here comes the REAL homework for today..
Remember that there is also S&W tomorrow :)

*******GEOGRAPHY mini TEST***************
Date: 29th June 2011, Wednesday (TOMORROW)
- Gradient
- Water as a resource

1. Holiday Homework (All submitted by T3W1 Friday)
a) Workbook 1A (bring everyday)
b) Composition (借贷)
2. Sign test paper (by TOMORROW)
3. Buy Textbook and Workbook from Book Shop

Complete the Worksheet to page 8 without doing activity 2
(you can start activity 2 if you complete to page 8)

Buy A4 Size Notebook ($1)

Remember to bring TB and WB 1B

For those who have not done it, please comment on the problem statement on the I&E blog (by Friday)

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