Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homework for 1st Feb 2011

Mother Tongue:
- 作业1, pages 1-14
- 听写(二)第二课, (10th Feb, Thursday)
- Learn 2 proverbs
- Workbook (page after comprehension)
- Compo

- For songs that Mr Fong said "yes" to, complete the worksheet. For those who Mr Fong have not checked yet, make sure you have a back up song and their lyrics ready also by next Monday.
- Do Unit 5, worksheet 2, question 2b.
- Performance Task, worksheet 5 (by 9 Feb, Wednesday)

- Update google sites on Forces (individual Task)
- Plan and design your video for your individual task
(The group will have to come up with a video not more than 4 min by the end of next week.)

- Research information for Pages by next lesson (8 Feb, Tuesday)

- Draw 3 more stationaries (1 pencil and 2 more stationaries) in 1-point perspective. By 10th Feb 2011, Thursday

- Complete the ebook
** Revision for up coming test (Class Test 1) **
- Use e-Journal and revisit the 2 links to help you.
- Content of test: Based on all the countries which turn up in the quiz (i.e. Countries not shown in quiz will not be tested)

- Maths Olympiad (for people who want to join) by this week

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