Monday, January 24, 2011

Homework chat

I had moved the homework chat to the sidebar. Please access it via there if needed. I will remove the chat from blog.

@Ler How
please add me as moderator.
Username: audreytan from chatroll.

Please make use of the chatroll in your learning in an appropriate manner.



  1. You need to be online so that I can make you a mod. Also there cannot be a chat website.

  2. oh and thats not the homework chat thats casual class chat

  3. I think I would need to set the tone of the chat box right at the beginning. It is there to help you in your discussion for projects in the event if you need to do it while you cannot meet. The limitation of the chat function is that it can hold up to a maximum of 10 people at any one time. Its function should definitely go beyond casual chats. Please use it fruitfully to enhance your learning. Thanks.

  4. hey ler how, (possibly ms tan as well), why don't you put two different chats at the side bar? this is because sometimes the chat room is full, and others want to use the chat as well. maybe you could have a chat mirror #1 and a chat mirror #2?

  5. @keming i have already 2 chats. However it will be ms tans verdict